IEEE International Conference on Communications
16–20 May 2022 // Seoul, South Korea // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Intelligent Connectivity for Smart World

Symposia (In-Person) : Thursday, 19 May 2022

*All times are KST (GMT+9)

Thursday, May 19  11:30 - 12:30

Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications    

  • Session Chair: Chan-Byoung Chae
  • Location: E1, Conference Room E, Coex

Media Modulation in Molecular Communications

Lukas Brand; Moritz Garkisch; Sebastian Lotter; Maximilian Schäfer; Kathrin Castiglione; Robert Schober

Analysis of Receiver Covered by Heterogeneous Receptors in Molecular Communications    

Xinyu Huang; Yuting Fang; Stuart Johnston; Matthew Faria; Nan Yang; Robert Schober

Optical Networks and Systems

  • Session Chair: Suleyman Uludag
  • Location: E4, Conference Room E, Coex

Simultaneous Channel Estimation for Pulsed-Modulation Optical Wireless Communications    

Jonathan Schostak; Malte Hinrichs; Kai Lennert Bober; Ronald Freund; Volker Jungnickel

Throughput optimization for IR-LEDs in an optical wireless link    

Jean-Paul Linnartz; Thiago Elias B Cunha; Diego R Vargas Romero; Xiong Deng

SpectrumChain: An Efficient Spectrum Management Framework in Blockchain-Enabled Flexible SDONs    

Evrim Guler; Murat Karakus; Suleyman Uludag

e-Health I

  • Session Chair: Oh-Soon Shin
  • Location: E7, Conference Room E, Coex

Temporal Self-Supervised Learning for RSSI-based Indoor Localization    

Jonas Paulavičius; Robert J Piechocki; Ryan McConville; Raul Santos-Rodriguez; Seifallah Jardak

On the Performance of Automatic Exposure Determination Using Bluetooth-based Proximity Estimation    

Kamran Sayrafian; Brian D Cloteaux; Vladimir Marbukh

Frequency Hopping Sequence Determination Using Inter-Pulse Interval for Human Body Interface and Control Systems

Donpiti (Mick) Chulerttiyawong; Abbas Jamalipour

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Thursday, May 19  11:30 - 12:15

e-Health II

  • Session Chair: Baek-Young Choi
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

Robust Multi-Frequency Posture Detection based on Purely Passive Magneto-Inductive Tags    

Henry Schulten; Armin Wittneben

WBAN Node Topologies for Reliable Posture Detection from On-Body UWB RSS Measurements    

Robert Heyn; Armin Wittneben

IC-SAFE: Intelligent Connected Sensing Approaches for the Elderly    

Alexa Summers; Sarah Choi; Manasa Leela Gummadavelly; Baek-Young Choi; Sejun Song

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Thursday, May 19  14:00 - 15:30

Wireless Communications V

  • Session Chair: Junil Choi
  • Location: E1, Conference Room E, Coex

Novel Random Access Schemes for Small Data Transmission    

Hui Zhou; Yansha Deng; Luca Feltrin; Andreas Höglund; Mischa Dohler

Temporal Connectivity as a Robustness Measure in NOMA Wireless Networks    

Benjamin Pimentel; Alex Bordetsky; Ralucca Gera; Andrea Conti; Moe Z. Win

Joint User Association and Phase Optimization for IRS-Assisted Multi-Cell Networks    

Ehsan MoeenTaghavi; Ramin Hashemi; Nandana Rajatheva; Matti Latva-aho

Intelligent Reflecting Surface OFDM Communication with Deep Neural Prior

Tomer Fireaizen; Gal Metzer; Dan Ben-David; Yair Moshe; Israel Cohen; Emil Björnson

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces-aided Joint Spatial Division and Multiplexing for MU-MIMO Systems

Youssef Hussein; Mohamad Assaad; Thierry Clessienne

Communication QoS, Reliability and Modeling II

  • Session Chair: Kae Won Choi
  • Location: E4, Conference Room E, Coex

Internal Virus Detection Framework Based on IoT Semantic Interoperability    

Andreas Andreou; Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis; George Mastorakis; Jordi Mongay Batalla; Mithun Mukherjee; Evangelos Pallis

Competitive Learning for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Intelligent Transportation Systems    

Umuralp Kaytaz; Fikret Sivrikaya; Sahin Albayrak

Rooftop Relay Nodes to Enhance URLLC in UAV-Assisted Cellular Networks

Stefano Bregni; Maurizio Magarini; Jayavathi Jayaraman; Vishvanth Raja Balu; Davide Scazzoli

Latency and Reliability Aware Edge Computation Offloading in IRS-aided Networks

Elie El Haber; Mohamed Elhattab; Chadi Assi; Sanaa Sharafeddine; Kim Khoa Nguyen

Fire-Fighting Drones: A Use Case for the Tactile Internet   

Pavlos Kostoulas; Sharief Oteafy; Periklis Chatzimisios

Device-to-Device, Satellite, and Full-Duplex Massive MIMO Communications

  • Session Chair: Namyoon Lee
  • Location: E7, Conference Room E, Coex

Near Far Problem based-Game Theory in Device-to-Device Communications    

Sameh Najeh; Ammar Bouallegue

Cooperative and smart attacks detection systems in 6G-enabled Internet of Things    

Hichem Sedjelmaci; Nizar Kheir; Aymen Boudguiga; Nesrine Kaaniche

Coverage Analysis for Satellite Downlink Networks    

Namyoon Lee

Joint Optimization of Wireless Fronthaul and Access Links in CRAN with a Massive MIMO Central Unit    

Yingjia Huang; Aissa Ikhlef

Full-Duplex Non-Coherent Communications for Massive MIMO Systems with Analog Beamforming    

Asil Koc; Ahmed Masmoudi; Tho Le-Ngoc

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Thursday, May 19  14:00 - 14:45

Communication QoS, Reliability and Modeling III

  • Session Chair: Sangheon Pack
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

Traffic Shaping and the Massive Access Problem

Erol Gelenbe

Machine Learning Aided Holistic Handover Optimization for Emerging Networks

Muhammad Umar Bin Farooq; Marvin Manalastas; Syed Muhammad Asad Zaidi; Adnan Abu-Dayya; Ali Imran

A Min-plus Model of Age-of-Information with Worst-case and Statistical Bounds

Mahsa Noroozi; Markus Fidler

Thursday, May 19  14:45 - 15:30

IoT and Sensor Networks Symposium II

  • Session Chair: Young-Tak Kim
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

Adaptive Resource Reservation to Survive Against Adversarial Resource Selection Jamming Attacks in 5G NR-V2X Distributed Mode 2    

Taki Eddine Toufik Djaidja; Bouziane Brik; Sidi-Mohammed Senouci; Yacine Ghamri-Doudane

Intelligent Spectrum Sensing: An Unsupervised Learning Approach Based on Dimensionality Reduction

Nada Abdel Khalek; Walaa Hamouda

Opportunistic Beamforming with Beam Selection in IRS-aided Communications

Maria Dimitropoulou; Constantinos Psomas; Ioannis Krikidis

Optimization of the Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks Dedicated to Fire Detection in Smart Car Parks using Chaos Whale Optimization Algorithm

Slimane Charafeddine Benghelima; Mohamed Ould-Khaoua; Ali Benzerbadj; Oumaya Baala; Jalel Ben Othman

Hierarchical fingerprinting and feature extraction for indoor localization

Siyang Liu; Raul de Lacerda; Jocelyn Fiorina

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Thursday, May 19  16:00 - 17:30

Communication QoS, Reliability and Modeling IV

  • Session Chair: Junsu Kim
  • Location: E1, Conference Room E, Coex

Ensuring Reliable and Predictable Behavior of IEEE 802.1CB Frame Replication and Elimination    

Lisa Maile; Dominik Voitlein; Kai-Steffen Hielscher; Reinhard German

Efficient Reliable Wireless Communications through Raptor Codes and Rateless Codes with Feedback

Philipp Schulz; Yiyang Li; Andreas Traßl; Andre N Barreto; Gerhard P. Fettweis

A Machine Learning Approach to Estimating Queuing Delay on a Router over a Single-Hop Path    

Travis Ricker; Khondaker M. Salehin; Yi Wang; Alex Chen; Eiji Oki; Roberto Rojas-Cessa

Distributed Join-the-Shortest-Queue with Sparse and Unreliable Feedback    

Jaume Anguera Peris; Viktoria Fodor

Communication Theory III

  • Session Chair: Eduard A Jorswieck
  • Location: E4, Conference Room E, Coex

A Fundamental Limit of Distributed Hypothesis Testing Under Memoryless Quantization    

Yunus Inan; Mert Kayaalp; Ali Sayed; Emre Telatar

Rate Region of Gaussian Broadcast Channels with Heterogeneous Blocklength Constraints    

Pin-Hsun Lin; Shih-Chun Lin; Peng-Wei Chen; Marcel Mross; Eduard A Jorswieck

Error Floor Analysis of Irregular Repetition ALOHA    

Federico Clazzer; Alexandre Graell i Amat

Adaptive Sub-band Bandwidth-Enabled Spectrum Allocation for Terahertz Communication Systems    

Akram Shafie; Nan Yang; Sheeraz A. Alvi; Chong Han; Salman Durrani; Josep M Jornet

Satellite and Space Communications & Quantum Communications & Computing

  • Session Chair: Jihwan Choi
  • Location: E7, Conference Room E, Coex

Phase Noise Characterization for Ultra High-Throughput Satellite Systems    

Tony Colin; Thomas Delamotte; Andreas Knopp

Coded Caching at the Edge of Satellite Networks

Estefania Recayte

Simultaneous Communication and Parameter Estimation of Pauli Channels    

Junaid ur Rehman; Hyundong Shin

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Thursday, May 19  16:00 - 16:45

Aerial Communications III

  • Session Chair: Haejoon Jung
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

UAV-enabled Wireless Powered Communication for Energy-Efficient Federated Learning    

Quoc-Viet Pham; Mai Le; Thien Huynh-The; Zhu Han; Won-Joo Hwang

NOMA-Enabled CoMP-Transmission in Satellite-Aerial-Terrestrial Networks    

Noor Waqar; Syed Ali Hassan; Ali Javed Hashmi; Haejoon Jung

MaDe: Malicious Aerial Vehicle Detection using Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test    

Venkata Abhishek Nalam; Muhammad Naveed Aman; Teng Joon Lim; Biplab Sikdar

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