IEEE International Conference on Communications
16–20 May 2022 // Seoul, South Korea // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Intelligent Connectivity for Smart World

Symposia (In-Person) : Wednesday, 18 May 2022

*All times are KST (GMT+9)

Wednesday, May 18  9:00 - 10:30

Wireless Communications III

  • Session Chair: Namyoon Lee
  • Location: E1, Conference Room E, Coex

Non-Symmetric Multi-Antenna Coded Caching for Location-Dependent Content Delivery   

Hamidreza Bakhshzad Mahmoodi; MohammadJavad Salehi; Antti Tölli

mmWave Communications for Indoor Dense Spaces: Ray-Tracing Based Channel Characterization and Performance Comparison

Ozan Alp Topal; Mustafa Ozger; Dominic A. Schupke; Emil Björnson; Cicek Cavdar

Optimizing Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Small Data Packets: A Subarray Approach

Anders Enqvist; Özlem Tuğfe Demir; Cicek Cavdar; Emil Björnson

MMSE-A-MAP Decoder for Block Orthogonal Sparse Superposition Codes in Fading Channels   

Donghwa Han; Bowhyung Lee; Seunghoon Lee; Namyoon Lee

Cognitive Radio and AI-Enabled Networks & Mobile and Wireless Networks

  • Session Chair: Dong Seong Kim
  • Location: E4, Conference Room E, Coex

RaComNet: High-Performance Deep Network for Waveform Recognition in Coexistence Radar-Communication Systems   

Thien Huynh-The; Quoc-Viet Pham; Toan-Van Nguyen; Daniel Benevides da Costa; Dong Seong Kim

Energy Efficient User Scheduling for Hybrid Split and Federated Learning in Wireless UAV Networks   

Xiaolan Liu; Yansha Deng; Toktam Mahmoodi

Forecasting Busy-Hour Downlink Traffic in Cellular Networks

Andrea Pimpinella; Federico Di Giusto; Alessandro E. C. Redondi; Luisa Venturini; Andrea Pavon

On the Sum-rate Maximization in Multi-access and Multi-band Wireless Networks

Cirine Chaieb; Fatma Abdelkefi; Wessam Ajib

Signal Processing for Communications III

  • Session Chair: Liesbet Van der Perre
  • Location: E7, Coex

BEM OTFS Receiver with Superimposed Pilots over Channels with Doppler and Delay Spread   

Yujie Liu; Yong Liang Guan; David Gonzalez G.

Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO in the Presence of Cauchy Noise   

Ziya Gulgun; Erik G. Larsson

Iterated Posterior Linearization PMB Filter for 5G SLAM   

Yu Ge; Yibo Wu; Fan Jiang; Ossi Kaltiokallio; Jukka Talvitie; Mikko Valkama; Lennart Svensson; Henk Wymeersch

Z3RO Precoder Canceling Nonlinear Power Amplifier Distortion in Large Array Systems   

François Rottenberg; Gilles Callebaut; Liesbet Van der Perre

Enabling Decentralized Computation of the WAX Decomposition

Juan Vidal Alegria; Fredrik Rusek

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Wednesday, May 18  9:00 - 9:45


Mobile and Wireless Networks III

  • Session Chair: Hossam S. Hassanein
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

On the Impact of Road Traffic Control on Mobile Communications   

Ahmed Elbery; Hossam S. Hassanein

An MDP model-based initial strategy prediction method for LoRaWAN   

Mi Chen; Lynda Mokdad; Jalel Ben Othman; Jean-Michel Fourneau; Cedric Charmois

Failure Prediction for Proactive Beam Recovery in Millimeter-Wave Communication   

Ayah Abusara; Hossam S. Hassanein; Aboelmagd Noureldin; Akram Bin Sediq

Semi-Integrated-Sensing-and-Communication (Semi-ISaC) Networks Assisted by NOMA   

Chao Zhang; Wenqiang Yi; Yuanwei Liu

Leveraging Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface to Minimize Age of Information in Wireless Networks

Ali Muhammad; Mohamed Elhattab; Moataz Shoukry; Chadi Assi

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Wednesday, May 18  11:00 - 12:30

Green Communication Systems and Networks II

  • Session Chair: Jemin Lee
  • Location: E1, Conference Room E, Coex

Signaling and Architecture for Unified Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer   

Jong Jin Park; Jong Ho Moon; Hyeon Ho Jang; Dong In Kim

Green Joint Radar-Communications: RF Selection with Low Resolution DACs and Hybrid Precoding   

Aryan Kaushik; Evangelos Vlachos; Christos Masouros; Christos G. Tsinos; John Thompson

Power-Controlled Job Slowdown in Data Centers

Ariana J Mann; Nicholas Bambos

Wireless Communications IV

  • Session Chair: Husheng Li
  • Location: E4, Conference Room E, Coex

Performance Trade-off in Inseparable Joint Communications and Sensing: A Pareto Analysis   

Husheng Li

Dirty Paper Coding for Waveform Synthesis in Integrated Sensing and Communications: A Broadcast Channel Approach   

Husheng Li

Degrees of Freedom in Scattered Fields for Trade-off in Joint Communications and Sensing   

Husheng Li

Machine Learning for Communications III

  • Session Chair: Tony Quek
  • Location: E7, Conference Room E, Coex

Resource-Aware Asynchronous Online Federated Learning for Nonlinear Regression   

Francois Gauthier; Vinay Chakravarthi Gogineni; Stefan Werner; Yih-Fang Huang; Anthony Kuh

No Free Lunch: Balancing Learning and Exploitation at the Network Edge

Federico Mason; Federico Chiariotti; Andrea Zanella

Asynchronous Decentralized Learning over Unreliable Wireless Networks   

Eunjeong Jeong; Matteo Zecchin; Marios Kountouris

TEDGE-Caching: Transformer-based Edge Caching Towards 6G Networks   

Zohreh HajiAkhondi-Meybodi; Arash Mohammadi; Elahe Rahimian; Shahin Heidarian; Jamshid Abouei; Konstantinos N Plataniotis

Federated Learning for WiFi Fingerprinting   

Nekhil Nagia; Muhammed Rahman; Shahrokh Valaee

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Wednesday, May 18  11:00 - 11:45

Cloud Computing, Networking and Storage

  • Session Chair: Changhee Joo
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

Lightweight edge Slice Orchestration Framework   

Sagar Arora; Adlen Ksentini; Christian Bonnet

Cache Allocation in Multi-Tenant Edge Computing via online Reinforcement Learning

Ayoub Ben Ameur; Andrea Araldo; Tijani Chahed

NextGenEMO: an Efficient Provisioning of Edge-Native Applications

Baudouin Herlicq; Abderaouf Khichane; Ilhem Fajjari

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Wednesday, May 18  14:00 - 15:30

IoT and Sensor Networks Symposium I

  • Session Chair: Seok-Hwan Park
  • Location: E1, Conference Room E, Coex

Machine Learning Driven Latency Optimization for Application-aware Edge Computing-based IoTs   

Liang Zhang; Bijan Jabbari

Aerial Energy Provisioning for Massive Energy-Constrained IoT by UAVs   

Jarne Van Mulders; Guus Leenders; Gilles Callebaut; Lieven De Strycker; Liesbet Van der Perre

Secure Internet-of-Things Communications: Joint Precoding and Power Control   

Mintaek Oh; Jeonghun Park; Jinseok Choi

A framework for IoT integration in the Tactile Internet

Sharief Oteafy

Machine Learning for Communications IV

  • Session Chair: Abdukadir Celik
  • Location: E4, Conference Room E, Coex

Deep-Learning Based Channel Estimation for RIS-Aided mmWave Systems with Beam Squint   

Asmaa Abdallah; Abdulkadir Celik; Mohammad Mansour; Ahmed M. Eltawil

Reinforcement Learning-Based Global Programming for Energy Efficiency in Multi-Cell Interference Networks   

Ramprasad Raghunath; Bile Peng; Karl-Ludwig Besser; Eduard A Jorswieck

Symbol-Based Over-the-Air Digital Predistortion Using Reinforcement Learning   

Yibo Wu; Jinxiang Song; Christian Häger; Ulf Gustavsson; Alexandre Graell i Amat; Henk Wymeersch

Deep Learning based Multi-User Power Allocation and Hybrid Precoding in Massive MIMO Systems   

Asil Koc; Mike Wang; Tho Le-Ngoc

Coding for Straggler Mitigation in Federated Learning   

Reent Schlegel; Siddhartha Kumar; Eirik Rosnes; Alexandre Graell i Amat

Aerial Communications II

  • Session Chair: Bong Jun David Choi
  • Location: E7, Conference Room E, Coex

Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning For Optimising Energy Efficiency of Fixed-Wing UAV Cellular Access Points   

Boris Galkin; Babatunji Omoniwa; Ivana Dusparic

A Novel Hybrid Split and Federated Learning Architecture in Wireless UAV Networks   

Xiaolan Liu; Yansha Deng; Toktam Mahmoodi

An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning Scheme for Flying Ad Hoc Networks   

Sneha Kanchan; Bong Jun David Choi

Optimal Deployment and Operation of Robotic Aerial 6G Small Cells with Grasping End Effectors   

Yuan Liao; Vasilis Friderikos

Trajectory Planning for Multiple UAVs in UAV-aided Wireless Relay Network

Vasilis Friderikos; Jongyul Lee

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Wednesday, May 18  14:00 - 14:45

Communication QoS, Reliability and Modeling I

  • Session Chair: Baek-Young Choi
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

An Explainable Artificial Intelligence Framework for Quality-Aware IoE Service Delivery   

Md. Shirajum Munir; Seong-Bae Park; Choong Seon Hong

ABBA: Advance Block Body Agreement for Scaling Blockchain Networks   

Kaushik Ayinala; Baek-Young Choi; Sejun Song

Local Loss-Assisted Dynamic Client Selection for Image Classification-Oriented Federated Learning

Suat Cheng Ong; Rung-Hung Gau

Wednesday, May 18  14:45 - 15:30

Communication Theory II

  • Session Chair: Daewon Seo
  • Location: Hall D2, Coex

The Age of Information of Short-Packet Communications: Joint or Distributed Encoding?   

Zhifeng Tang; Nan Yang; Parastoo Sadeghi; Xiangyun Zhou

A Linear MMSE Receiver for Multi-Antenna SWIPT-enabled Wireless Networks   

Yuan Guo; Christodoulos Skouroumounis; Ioannis Krikidis

IRS Deployment Optimization in Multi-IRS Assisted Two-Way Full-Duplex Communication Systems

Christos N. Efrem; Ioannis Krikidis

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