IEEE International Conference on Communications
16–20 May 2022 // Seoul, South Korea // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Intelligent Connectivity for Smart World

WS-21: Live Q&A

WS-21: BlockSecSDN: Blockchain for Secure Software-defined Networking in Smart Communities

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*All times are KST (GMT+9)

Q&A Time
Friday, May 20
Workshop Papers
09:00-09:30 WS 21-01-1  Intelligent Requests Orchestration for Microservice Management Based on Blockchain in Software   Defined Networking: a Security Guarantee
09:30-10:00 WS 21-03-2  A Malicious Node Detection Model for Wireless Sensor Networks Security Based on CHSA-MNDA   Algorithm
10:00-10:30 WS 21-04-1  Channel Estimation Algorithm for IM/DD-OFDM/OQAM-PON System in Industrial Internet Based on   Compressed Sensing
10:30-11:00 WS 21-04-2  ANN_LS-based Channel Estimation Algorithm of IM/DD-OFDM/OQAM-PON systems with SDN   Mobile Fronthaul Network in 5G
11:00-11:30 WS 21-02-2  Blockchain and Deep Learning for Cyber Threat-Hunting in Software-Defined Industrial IoT
11:30-12:00 WS 21-02-3  BaRCODe: A Blockchain-based framework for Remote COVID Detection for Healthcare 5.0
14:00-14:30 WS 21-03-1  Blockchain and Stackleberg Game-based Fair and Trusted Data Pricing Scheme for Ride Sharing
14:30-15:00 WS 21-01-2  Machine Learning for Detecting Security Attacks on Blockchain using Software Defined Networking
15:00-15:30 WS 21-03-3  Fault Resilient Authentication Architecture for Drone Networks
15:30-16:00 WS 21-01-3  CellularBlockB5G: A Blockchain-based Multi Operator Spectrum Sharing Simulator for 5G and   Beyond Networks
16:00-16:30 WS 21-02-1  Blockchain and Deep Learning Empowered Secure Data Sharing Framework for Softwarized UAVs
16:30-17:00 WS 21-04-3  An Upgraded Object Detection Model for Enhanced Perception and Decision Making in Autonomous   Vehicles