IEEE International Conference on Communications
16–20 May 2022 // Seoul, South Korea // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Intelligent Connectivity for Smart World

WS-4: Live Q&A

WS-4: Integrating UAVs into 5G and Beyond

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 *All times are KST (GMT+9)

Q&A Time
Friday, May 20

Workshop Papers
14:00-14:30 WS 04-01-1  On the Secrecy Performance of UAV-assisted Wireless Communication System With   Hardware Impairments and Protected Zone
WS 04-02-1  Robust Trajectory and Communication Design in IRS-Assisted UAV Communication   under Malicious Jamming
WS 04-03-1  Multi-UAV Wireless Networks: Jointly Trajectory Optimization and Resource Allocation
WS 04-04-1  UAV-aided Wireless Node Localization Using Hybrid Radio Channel Models
14:30-15:00 WS 04-01-2  A Reinforcement Learning Based Service Scheduling Algorithm for Internet of Drones
WS 04-02-2  Derivative-Free Placement Optimization for Multi-UAV Wireless Networks with Channel   Knowledge Map
WS 04-03-2  Joint Uplink and Downlink Resource Allocation for UAV-enabled MEC Networks under   User Mobility
WS 04-04-2  Efficient UAV Localization Based on Modified Particle Swarm Optimization
15:00-15:30 WS 04-01-3  UAV-Assisted Sensing and Communication Design for Average Peak Age-of-Information   Minimization
WS 04-02-3  Long mmWave Backhaul Connectivity Using Fixed-Wing UAVs
WS 04-03-3  Beam Aware Stochastic Multihop Routing for Flying Ad-hoc Networks
WS 04-04-3  Energy-Efficient Pilot Sequence Flexible Turn-off Scheme for Non-stationary Channels
15:30-16:00 WS 04-01-4  Multi-Agent Low-Bias Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation in UAV-Assisted   Networks
WS 04-02-4  Learning-Based Trajectory Design and Time Allocation in UAV-Supported Wireless   Powered NOMA-IoT Networks
WS 04-03-4  Energy-Efficient Segment Clustering Algorithm for UAV trajectory
WS 04-04-4  Secure Communications in Line-of-Sight Scenarios by Rotation-based Secret Key   Generation
16:00-16:30 WS 04-01-5  Trajectory Control in Self-sustainable UAV-aided mmWave Networks: A Constrained   Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Approach
WS 04-02-5  UAV Trajectory Design on Completion Time Minimization of WPT Task in UAV-Enabled   Multi-User Network
WS 04-03-5  Physical Layer Encryption for UAV-to-Ground Communications
WS 04-04-5  SWIPT-Enabled Cellular-Connected UAV: Energy Harvesting and Data Transmission