IEEE International Conference on Communications
16–20 May 2022 // Seoul, South Korea // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Intelligent Connectivity for Smart World

WS-1: Special Workshop on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces


Marco Di Renzo
CNRS & Paris‐Saclay University
Paris, France
Email: marco.di‐renzo@universite‐paris‐


Scope and topics:

This is an invited Special Workshop that was solicited by the Workshops and General Chairs of IEEE ICC 2022. The main idea of this Special Workshop is to gather expert researchers (from academia an industry) to give presentations on their latest research works in this emerging field of research.



A Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) is a planar structure that is engineered to have properties that enable the dynamic control of the electromagnetic waves. In wireless communications and networks, RISs are an emerging technology for realizing programmable and reconfigurable wireless propagation environments through nearly passive and tunable signal transformations. RIS‐assisted programmable wireless environments are a multidisciplinary research endeavor but are not well‐understood. This special workshop is aimed to lead to a widespread dissemination of state‐of‐the‐art analytical and algorithmic tools, testbed implementations and experimental activities, research perspectives, and to enable the acceleration in the germination of novel ideas pertaining to the development of RISs for various applications in wireless communications and networks. This special workshop will include presentations from world‐renowned experts in physics, electromagnetics, antennas and propagation, microwave theory and techniques, metamaterials, circuit design, devices, wireless communications, wireless networks, computer science, signal processing, localization and sensing, optimization theory, machine learning and data science, to provide a unified platform where modern state‐of‐the‐art research ideas and long‐term research directions are brought together.


Invited speakers (alphabetical order):

  • Alessio Zappone (University of Cassino)
  • Arman Shojaeifard (Interdigital)
  • Alvaro Alcarce (Nokia Bell Labs)
  • Chau Yuen (SUTD)
  • Dinh‐Thuy Phan‐Huy (Orange Labs ‐ France Telecom)
  • Geoffroy Lerosay (Greenerwave)
  • Kyle Jamison (Princeton)
  • Linglong Dai (Tsinghua University)
  • Lingyang Song (Peking University)
  • Marios Poulakis (Huawei)
  • Robert Schober (FAU)
  • Rui Zhang (NUS)
  • Slim Alouini (KAUST)
  • Tie Jun Cui (Southeast University)
  • Vincenzo Sciancalepore (NEC)


Duration (tentative):

The Special Workshop will be scheduled according to the plan already made by the General Chairs, as reported in the following table (SW 1).